Oil pan removal and install on Subaru STi/WRX:

Oil Pan Installation Steps:

1.) Clean all of the old gasket from the pan and block. Place a nice thick bead of your oil resistant RTV silicone all the way around the oil pan lip.

2.) Place oil pickup tube into the oil pan oriented somewhat correctly.

3.) Slide oil pan and oilckup tube into place. The pan will kind of just hang there with the pickup tube supporting it. Replace the 2 bolts that hold the pickup tube flange, and the bolt that holds the oil pickup tube brace. Torque these to: 7.2 Ft.-Lb. Do not over tighten.

4.) Carefully place the oil pan into place. Use caution to not scrape/rub the RTV away from where you put it. Press up firmly and begin replacing your bolts. Torque these to: 3.6 Ft-Lb. Do not over tighten.

5.) Here you will have to jack the engine up to replace the 4 rear bolts. Use the procedure from #9 of the removal procedure.

6.) Re-install the dipstick tube. This is easier with 2 people and if you remove the dipstick. Ensure that both o-rings are in the correct locations. Replace and tighten the bolt in the dipstick tube.

7.) Re-install your exhaust manifold using your brand new gaskets. I highly reccomend using OEM subaru here as the ones from the parts store are kind of flimsy. Torque these to: 28.9 Ft-Lb