Oil pan removal and install on Subaru STi/WRX:

Oil Pan Removal Steps:

6) Remove your exhaust manifold. Go ahead and soak all of these bolts with PB blaster as well. They are all 14mm. There are 6 nuts that hold the manifolds to the block and 2 blots/nuts that hold the manifold to the downpipe.

7) Remove the swaybar mounts. These are secured using a 12mm bolt and a 12mm nut on each side. There is no need to remove the swaybar endlinks as it will just rotate out of the way.

8) Loosen the motor mount nuts. They are 14mm and are located directly above where the sway bar originally sat. It is important that you leave these nuts threaded slightly onto their studs.

9) Drain all of the oil.

10) Remove all of the 10mm bolts that you can reach from the oil pan. I was able to get all of them out using my 1/4″ ratchet, extension, and universal joint. This was very tricky, the 4 in the back are very difficult to get to. If you can’t get them don’t despair just read step 11.

Oil pan removal and install: Remove all the bolts holding the oil pan to the engine.
Oil pan removal and install: Remove all the bolts holding the oil pan to the engine.

11) If you were unable to remove the 4 rear bolts from the oil pan, place your 4×4 against the head on one side and using your jack lift the engine until it seems the car is beginning to lift too. This will give you just enough room to see the 2 rear bolts on that side. Remove them, lower the engine and repeat on the opposite side.

12) Once you get all of the bolts out it is time to break the oil pan loose from the block. Use caution here and do not scrape the mating surface on the block. I was able to place my flat screwdriver between the pan and one of the protrusions beside the oil pan and the oil filter, then I simply rotated the screwdriver pushing the oil pan to one side. This broke it loose enough I could slide my fingers under that side of the pan and pull down.

13) The oil pan will not come all of the way out. You have to remove the 2 10mm bolts from the oil pickup tube, and the 1 10mm bolt from the oil pickup tube brace. Now you can lower the oil pickup tube and pan together.

14) Remove the 10mm bolt from the dipstick tube.