Steering Systems on early Subarus Part 1

XT Steering Column

The XT steering column has tilt and pop-up features as well as a telescopic feature. A telescopic lever on the end of the steering column, when rotated counterclockwise, moves a lock key away from the steering shaft. This allows the control wing and the steering wheel to be moved in or out in an axial direction. The maximum telescoping stroke is 40 mm (1.57 in). The operation of the tilt feature and pop-up feature on the XT steering column is similar to that of the L-series tilt steering column.

Moving the tilt lever down releases the steering column. The rubber bushing in the toe board deflects to allow the column to pivot around the universal joint between the column and the gearbox. The dash also tilts up and down with the steering column.

XT Pop-up Mechanism

The XT pop-up feature is operated by pulling a knob located on the instrument panel lower left side of the instrument panel. A cable connects the knob to the lockpin. Pulling the knob retracts the lockpin from the column bracket, allowing the spring to force the column upward. When the column is pulled down, it locks in its original position.

Power Steering Systems On Early Subarus Part 2