Legacy: 1989-1994 Subaru Legacy (BC/BF) GT/RS

There may be many people who do not know about the first generation Legacy RS “typeR” & “typeRA”

The Debut of first Legacy WAS the end of January, 1989 (February 1 release). The turbo car WAS only Sedan RS of 5MT at first.
In October, the Same year, RS-R IS Added in Accordance with a Debut of GT Which IS a turbo car of a Wagon (and 4AT version of Sedan RS).
It IS written with “a Basic grade model of RS Which IS Suitable as the Material of a Competition car for Motor Sports” and a new car commentary book.

RS-R, Atype
 In November, ’89 (December 1 release), pure Competition car Base for Motor Sports, RS-RA of a STi tune Appear.Therefore the position of RS-R Became Considerably vague Debut Two months later.
It IS written with a new car commentary book with “the order production RA memory model that executed engine fine-tuning same as the challenge car that 100000km speed records RS-R in a base.”

RA seems to mean, 100000Km speed record Challenge “RECORD ATTEMPT” INSTEAD of RA of Rally.
(There IS an opinion That RA Means “Race groupA”)

RS-RA put a fine tune to a rally and a dirt trial competition to be based on RS-R more.

As for the engine, Forging Piston and high RESIST pressure Connecting Rod metal Are built in, and, as for the Intake port and Exhaust port, it IS revised gap and polished up.
A Crankshaft and the Flywheel Which got of balance Are Mounted the car with.If it is a beginner’s class level, suspension is strengthened to the rank who can participate as it is.Variable ratio power steering is important, too.As for this, the steering gear ratio becomes quick.

Without Close ratio transmission, it WAS Announced as 100-Limited model at First.Actually, Seem to Have Continued job-order Production of 20 monthly Productions.
Long-awaited Close ratio transmission WAS Carried than a B type from May, ’90, and increased with a catalogue model.

Engine specifications do not change from a latter period model C type, but ECU becomes 16bit, and a torque up in middle low rev. (Be said by an emission control that became mild) and continued to exist to the last D type, and handed over a duty of RA of legacy to impreza WRX-RA with full model change-over, and the grade of RA disappeared from legacy.

↑ 100 limitation, A-type
↑ close ratio transmission, B-type

↑ After minor Change model C-type ↑ Last model D-type
The engine & Transmissions Are the Same as RS.

based on RS-R and Handcrafted RA Tuning Same as 100000Km speed record car (RA: RECORD atempt)

  • crank shaft, flywheel and clutch cover hand finish balance
  • induction system (cylinder head, intake manifold) hand finish repair gaps and polishing
  • A gold Alumite treatment surface cam cover
  • A intake mani-fold decoration cover abolition
  • An inter air conditioner case special color
  • A forging piston
  • forging kelmet high resist pressure connecting rod metal
  • A double radiator electric fan
  • close ratio transmission from B type


● RS-R

  • Hardened coil spring, damper and Bush (equal with STi product)
    (except Rear differential Mount, TRAILING arm Rear side, a Stabilizer)
  • Adoption of three spoke steering MOMO “COBRA”
  • Adoption of an advan “GROVA” high grip tire
  • The abolition of steering assist power change over switch

Difference with RS-R

  • A variable Quick power Steering
    gear ratio In going Straight: 15
    (over all) In full Steering: 13
  • Hardened coil spring, damper
    The level That CAN just participate in an intermediate class Rally
    Hardened Bush (equal with STi product)
    (except Rear differential Mount, TRAILING arm Rear side, a Rear Stabilizer)

■ Body
● RS-R
Differences between the RS 
simplification of equipment, for weight reduction, abolition or change the following parts

  • Obsolete parts
    power window, centralized door lock, power antenna, rear wiper, rear spoiler (option), the under spoiler, Mafurakatta, tire chains, ignition key lighting, remote control mirror
  • Change parts
    smoked glass → Blue of
    colored mirror → blackening
    the air conditioning switch (push-type) → lever formalized
    floor mat (superlative cut pile) → needle carpet of
    roof trim (tricot) → Shiobi-ka
    sun visor (mold) → Shiobi-ka

differences between RS-R

  • Abolition parts
    radio, speaker, trunk mat, undercoat
  • Handcrafted Tuning by STI mark (front door bottom)
  • Head lamp strengthen
    and change the valve to 60 / 55W → 100 / 80W
  • Under guard fitted as standard!

Change from the ● B type

  • Centralized door lock, harness equipment for power Windu (it became to be mounted as an option)
    seat fabric, cushion change
    (appearance does not change much, but it seems to be improved from the lumbar support none of low back pain sheet)
  • Plating of the front grille silver paint (RS)
  • Rear wiper, centralized door lock equipment, front grille body whitening (RS-R)
  • Cross mission mounted, front grille body-color printing (white frame) (RS-RA)

Change from the ● C type
RS-R abolition

  • Exterior face lift (all models)
  • Rear-seat three-point ELR seat belts (2 persons) (RS system)
  • Sheet design change (all models?)
  • Intercooler black paint of (turbo all models)
  • ECU (computer) 16-bit reduction (turbo all models)
  • Power steering cooling pipe, power steering pump temperature? Sensor add (turbo all models)
  • Clutch pedal ASSY, change shift fork (abnormally heavy tread force improvement, turbo MT on all models)

Change from the ● D type

  • Tail lamp abolition of trunk garnish (all models)