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Clutch Operation:

Some Subaru vehicles are equipped with cable-operated clutch systems, while others feature a hydraulic arrangement. Clutch linings, like brake linings, do wear over time. Cable-operated clutch systems will require adjustment to compensate for wear. Adjustment details, as well as information about the adjustment of the hill-holder system installed on some manual transmission-equipped Subaru vehicles, can be found in the appropriate vehicle service manual.

To test a Subaru hydraulic clutch system pedal free play:

• Push the release fork to retract the slave cylinder push rod. The fluid level in the clutch master cylinder should rise.

• If the fluid level rises, the pedal free play is correct.

• If the fluid level does not rise, or the push rod cannot be retracted, adjust the clutch pedal according to the service manual procedures.

Check the fluid level using the scale on the outside of the clutch master cylinder reservoir. If the level is below “MIN,” add DOT 3 or 4 brake fluid to bring it up to “MAX.” Inspect the underside of the master cylinder, clutch damper, slave cylinder, hoses, pipes and couplings for fluid leaks. If leaks are found, correct them by re-tightening the fitting and/or replacing the damaged parts.

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