Maintenance:Subaru Periodic Maintenance Part 3:

Maintenance: Subaru Periodic Vehicle Maintenance Services:

Brake Hoses and Lines:

At 15 month/15,000 mile intervals, check the following brake system items:

• Scratches, swelling, corrosion or traces of fluid leakage on brake hoses or pipe joints.

• Adjacent parts interfering with brake pipes or hoses during driving or loose connections or clamps.

• Any traces of fluid leakage, scratches or other damage on the master cylinder, wheel cylinder, pressure control valve and hill-holder.

Service Brake and Parking Brake:

Procedures for checking brake pedal free height and specified pedal stroke can be found in the vehicle service manual. These tests must also be performed during the 15 month/15,000 mile service. A low or spongy service brake pedal is a sure indication of a brake problem. Check to see if air is in the hydraulic line by the feel of the pedal operation. The brake system must be bled to remove the air. Check for even operation of all brakes, using a brake tester or by driving the vehicle for a short distance on a straight road.

The parking brake should be adjusted after adjusting the shoe clearance for the rear brakes. Adjust the parking brake lever by turning the adjuster (double nut) until the parking brake lever is set at the specified number of “clicks” when the specified amount of force is exerted (consult service manual). The parking brake mechanism must apply and release completely, with no brake drag after the parking brake lever is released. Rusted or binding parking brake cables may keep the parking brake from releasing normally.