Engine Management For Subaru WRX/STi

Recently for AccessPORT users, “custom maps” have become vogue. These come in the form of more specific maps for specific mods. Let say you have a stage 2 car with headers, TGV deletes, and a pulley. You email this information to a tuner and they will create a custom map for those mods to use. Some will send you a map and logging software, you load the map and data log, then the tuner sends you a final customized tune. While not as perfect as an in-person/on-dyno custom tune, it’s a great resource for those in areas without tuners. Companies that do this are PDX Tuning, Perrin, and Clark Turner.

A typical way of engine management is to use a Cobb Accessport.
A typical way of engine management is to use a Cobb Accessport.

Examples of reflashed ECUs are the Cobb AccessPort and EcuTek (including Prodrive’s PPP & Vishnu’s reflash).

Reflashed custom tuned ECU: This is the next evolution to a reflashed ECU. This allows either the end user or a professional tuner to custom tune your vehicle to your specific modifications, wants and desires, type of gasoline used, and geographic area. This form of engine management is best suited for people who:
a. Will probably modify their vehicle frequently and require additional tuning
b. People with the ability to do their own tuning
c. People that live close to a tuner
d. People that want to get the maximum power and safety out of their car

Examples of Custom Tuned ECUs are Cobb Tuning’s StreetTUNER for end user tuning, Cobb Tuning’s ProTuner for professional custom tunes, EcuTek custom tune via an EcuTek tuner, and EcuTek‘s DeltaDash Live User Tuning, an end user tuning solution.