Engine Management For Subaru WRX/STi

What types of engine management solutions are available? They fall into one of these general categories:
a. Reflashed ECU
b. Custom Tuned ECU
c. Piggyback Engine Management
d. Stand Alone Engine Management
e. Open Source Engine Management

Reflashed off the shelf ECU: This is your stock ECU that has had the programming modified. This form of engine management is best suited for people who:
a. Have a “set it and forget it” attitude towards engine management
b. Live in remote areas and do not have easy access to a tuner
c. Do not want to learn or are uneasy doing their own tuning
d. Want to modify their vehicle to a certain level and quit or add parts very infrequently

It is important to note that while reflashed ECUs are considered a static engine management option, they can be custom tuned by the end user by utilizing additional add-ons from the manufacturer or via a custom tuned reflash by an authorized tuner.

In addition, also consider that EcuTek tuners might have reflashes for your exact equipment set-up based on their prior custom tunes. This means that someone who has a full TBE might find the Cobb AccessPort a better plug and play solution, while someone with a full TBE, uppipe, headers, & a lightweight pulley may find an EcuTek reflash a better plug and play solution if they can find an EcuTek tuner with that exact map.