AWD: The five types of Subaru systems

AWD: The five types of Subaru systems

VDC models include a “VDC OFF” switch to turn off the stability and traction control for driving in or extricating the vehicle from deep snow or mud. Under such conditions, the selective braking action that a stability control system provides is not desirable. It is important to point out, however, that even with VDC off, the VTD All-Wheel Drive system remains 100% operational at all times. If VDC is switched off, it will default to “ON” the next time the vehicle is started and driven over 32 mph.

Limited-Slip Rear Differential:

The following Subaru vehicles are equipped with a viscous limited-slip rear differential to further increase traction:

■ WRX models
■ Outback models, except Sport
■ Baja models
■ Forester models, except 2.5 X
■ Legacy 2.5 GT Limited and 2.5 GT B models

Due to the wide variety of AWD systems used on Subaru vehicles and the slight changes in components from year to year and model to model, always refer the year and model service information for the vehicle you are servicing.