How to shift with AWD or a Manual Transmission.

How do I launch properly? Launching is a technique for people wishing to drag race their cars. A good launch will give you a low 60ft time and goes a long way to wards showing off the prowess of AWD and a lower overall time slip. There are many launch techniques and you must decide on what method is best for your goals. For instance, a first time drag racer might want to use the most conservative launch to get used to the feeling and an advanced user with an upgraded transmission may side step the clutch at 6000 RPM. Additional advice may be obtained by experienced locals, searching the forums, or by good old fashioned practice at your local drag strip.

Many feel that a good way to get a feel for the proper launch while being extremely kind to your transmission is to practice on a loose surface such as dirt or on a wet surface. Though the acceleration isn’t the same, it familiarizes you with the sound, timing, and technique.

Why is it hard to go into first gear or downshift into first? The fault mainly falls on an old transmission design. There are design flaws and associated problems with the first gear on 2002-2006 Subaru Imprezas with the 5MT. These transmission issues have since been addressed by using dual cone synchros on the 2004+ STi, 2005+ Legacy/Outback, and the 2006+ WRX.

Many users often see a dramatic reduction in first gear or other transmission issues simply by changing their synthetic transmission fluid back to regular or by using a recommended synthetic. Many Subaru owners tend to change fluids more often than needed and use synthetics. Many synthetic gear oils designed for manual transmissions can create or enhance transmission/shifting issues in Subaru transmissions. .