How to shift with AWD or a Manual Transmission.

When should I heel/toe? Heel/toe driving is generally reserved for road racing and those who do lots of rev matching. The average user will probably not see any benefit from using this or other advanced techniques.

What is rev matching? Matching the engine speed to the transmission input speed before re-engaging the clutch. Rev matching is both a term and a technique.

How do I rev match? Rev matching can either occur through the use of a double clutch technique, as discussed below, or through blipping the throttle while the clutch is depressed. Blipping the throttle is a term that indicates the driver revs the engine based on need while the car is in neutral or the clutch is in. Rev matching can be performed via the heel/toe technique as demonstrated in the animated picture above.

When should I rev match? Rev matching is generally reserved for downshifting. Proper rev matching ensures that a vehicle’s suspension will not be upset by reapplication of power when exiting a corner. This is really an advanced shifting technique and is not required for the average or above average driver in most cases. There are those of the opinion that rev matching will save wear and tear on the clutch though.