How to shift with AWD or a Manual Transmission.

o Subarus have transmission problems? When the WRX was first released many people unaccustomed to AWD vehicles became owners. Since it was a quick car, naturally many of these owners spent some time at the drag strip. Transmission problems obviously occurred. The cause of these transmission problems can be mainly attributed to many drivers’ inexperience with AWD vehicles.

Have these problems changed? Transmission problems appear to have turned the corner. Mid 2002 saw an important physical change in the Subaru transmission in the form of a dump valve with does not allow the end user to perform a true clutch dump launch. While this doesn’t protect against sustained abuse, it will protect the ignorant from occasional folly. Also, word started spreading that acceleration and shifting techniques should be modified to transfer the power properly. Buying a new clutch is far cheaper than a new transmission.

As well, sometime (no one knows for sure when) in mid 2003, the WRX transmission saw an upgrade in gear width. This width increase was up to RA width or approximately 1 mm wider than the previous models. After careful research here you will find that most broken transmission stories are coming from 2002 owners with inexperience and the narrower gears. This isn’t to say that wider gearset owners are excused from breakage, but the odds are more in your favor vs. the older MY owners.