GC8 the first generation Subaru Impreza WRX STi

GC8 the first generation Subaru Impreza WRX STi:

With Version III came the start of the coupe version of the WRX STi. It is called the WRX Type R STi. The coupe was chosen by Prodrive for use in the WRC because it was smaller, lighter and stiffer than the 4-door version. It was essentially a 2-door version of the WRX Type RA STi meaning it had DCCD, minimal sound insulation, close-gear ratios and hardened gearbox. This car also has a water-spray nozzle to dampen the top of the intercooler. The water will then evaporate, taking heat away from the intercooler and cooling the intake charge. This car was produced on an order-only basis.

Also, there was a WRX STI type RA (4-door) available in Version III. These have the same motor, gearbox and R180 diff as the Version III WRX STI Type R, including DCCD, aluminium bonnet and front guards, no sound deadening and thinner glass. The ECU is also an exclusive tune. The Type R tends to be a bit stiffer and weighs 1,190 kg (2,600 lb). The DCCD has been known to bite new drivers in the wet. The RA gets a roof vent instead of map lights, and wind up windows, although electrics are an option from factory.

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