TGV Deletes for Subaru WRX/STi

How hard is it to install TGV Deletes? Allow around six hours for install time. Professional installation, depending on your area, is around $400. This is one vehicle modification that is fairly complicated and should only be tackled by those with extensive Subaru experience.

How do I install TGV Deletes? Refer to the TGV Delete manufacturer’s instructions. For those without instructions, below are links to some of the better known TGV Delete installation instructions:

What are the TGV delete CEL codes I need to turn off?

2004 STI, the TGV codes are called “Tumble Generated Valve” codes and they are codes P1086-P1097
2005+ STI, the TGV codes are called “Intake Manifold Runner” codes and they are codes P2004-P2022
WRX/FXT, the TGV codes are P2004, P2005, P2008, P2011, P1086 though P1097, P2016, and P2021 Tumble generator valve and valve circuit codes.

This information is somewhat outdated for the later models though, so if you see something has changed with later models or other models, please post up.

There’s a hose sticking of my driver’s side TGV that I don’t know where it goes….will my car explode and kill everyone within 500 miles?No, that’s just a vent hose and goes to nothing, leave it alone.

Do I need engine management with a TGV Deletes? Actually no. Having TGV deletes on a stock ECU or aftermarket tune causes no issues. While it is always better to have a mod tuned for, this is one modification that could be performed with no future tuning if you so desire.

Should I reset my ECU after this mod? It is never a bad idea to perform an ECU reset after a mod. The traditional route is to disconnect the negative battery terminal, press the brake pedal for a few seconds to bleed the system of charge, and reattach. Some use the more advanced Vishnu Reset.