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Trunk swaps for STi and WRXs

Remove the glow in the dark release handle. Once this is done you can get to the lock. Simply twist the orange thing around, and pop the metal rod. Take a screw driver (you also might need a hammer as well) and pry that black clip off. Its really tight on there so you will need to use some force (this clip is exactly like the clip securing the brake lines).

Remove latch from trunk (optional as it may not be needed)
Remove the 2 bolts, twist yellow thing around and pop out that metal rod. You will also need to pop out the cable from that glow in the dark handle.

Remove trunk
Remove the 4 12mm bolts that secure the trunk to the trunk arms. Beware that the STi trunk weighs a TON (something like 50+ lbs). You will also have to unplug the 3rd brake light and clip all the wire retainers off the STi trunk arm to get the trunk off.

The “game changer” Subaru trunk lid.

I think somebody likes flannel way to much and has decided to make their Subaru suffer.


Truly a “#Gamechanger”. I think I just puked in my mouth a little.