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What’s that noise? My Subaru is so low that the axle is hitting the pinch welds?

So I have nothing against a nicely stanced Subaru put together with quality parts. However, when your Subaru is so low that your axles are grinding into the body/frame of the Subaru we might have a problem.


I mean what’s the worst that can happen? Maybe the axle grinds in half and snaps while driving down the road and you have an accident. Hopefully yourself or no one else is injured

Anyone have any low budget idea I can do to make my baby (Subaru) look a little sexier?



Maybe instead of trying to “make your baby a little sexier” you take care of your legal problems and just drive your Subaru the way it is.

The “game changer” Subaru trunk lid.

I think somebody likes flannel way to much and has decided to make their Subaru suffer.


Truly a “#Gamechanger”. I think I just puked in my mouth a little.



Don’t wet sand a carbon fiber hood.

This guy had a bright idea of trying to sand his carbon fiber hood on his Subaru. Body work should sometimes be left to a professional.  Especially if you want to wet sand carbon fiber. It’s extremely dangerous if you don’t wear the proper PPE. All of the small particles can cause extensive damage to your lungs.



With these cheaper carbon fiber hoods once the clear coat is this damaged and down to the carbon fiber it’s safer for your health to have a professional look it to determine if it’s salvageable or not.[amazon template=image&asin=Subaru][amazon template=image&asin=subaruidiots-20]

Honda owners turning into Subaru owners

Honda’s don’t get away with it. Most people think it’s dumb ricey shit. Your Subaru isn’t a 9 second drag car so it’s non-functional bullshit.


I am a prince (scammer) from Nigeria that would like to buy your Subaru

In 2015 someone is still oblivious to Nigerian scammers and other fake scammer Facebook accounts. I’ve moderated my fair share of message boards and Facebook groups in my day and it’s really obvious when you have a fake/scammer account trying to join a group. It’s not very obvious with this Facebook admin however.



Maybe I’ll message him that I need his help to protect my family fortune and if he just sent me $5000 via western union I’ll send back $100,000. What really amazes me is that this is presumably someone that is an adult and doesn’t have Alzheimers. Maybe he’ll be willing to buy a destroyed six-speed subaru transmission for $5000 as well.


World Rally Championship BOV/Anti-lag system

Sometimes if you spent more than five minutes posting facebook and instead searched on google you might understand the World Rally Champion anti-lag system that’s used on Subaru’s rally cars.


 It gets to a point were none of these people should own a turbocharged Subaru. True anti-lag systems are expensive and require extensive tuning and kills turbos which translates into a lot of money which none of these people have.

Subaru,Turbos, Blow off valves, and You

When someone first buys a turbo Subaru they are excited to modify their new toy. Often they’ll buy a exhaust, a intake, and a aftermarket blow off valve that replaces the factory BPV. Unknown to them Subaru’s often need to be tuned after even a little change like installing a intake or in this case installing a blow off valve.

If this guy took all of two seconds to type into google”Subaru blow off valve” he could have had all the answers he ever needed. Message boards like IWSTI or Nasioc have extensive stickied threads on this exact topic from people who are experts with turbo subarus.

Now he has to deal with people trolling him and people that are as clueless as he is. After a week or two he’ll probably ignore all advice and install it anyways. Two weeks after that he’ll be asking why he engine is knocking. Said person will complain that he bought this car with a loan and doesn’t have any money to get a new engine nor has the skills to build his own.

Facebook misinformation
Facebook misinformation