Brake Pad WRX install 02-05

WRX Brake Pad install 02-05:

7.) Liberally grease the back of each brake pad. Be very careful not to get grease on any braking surface. Once greased, clip the plastic-backed plate into place on the back of the pad. Put a smear of grease across the center of this plate, then clip the shiny plate into place over the plastic-coated plate.

8.) Now locate the two fully-assembled pads into their respective positions, making sure they are held securely in place by the two retaining clips. Again be careful not to get grease on any of the braking surfaces.

9.) It is now time to replace the caliper. If your old pads were badly worn as mine were, you will now notice that the caliper pistons are too far extended to allow you to relocate the caliper.

At this point, remove the cap from the brake reservoir. Now you are going to depress both pistons. To do this I used the lug wrench lain across the two pistons, and pushed on it with both hands. I made a rocking motion from one piston to the other until eventually they were both fully depressed. You can brace the caliper against the strut so that you can get a decent amount of force onto the caliper. While you are doing this, it is important to periodically check the level of the brake fluid in the cylinder. Brake fluid is extremely corrosive and is the best paint remover there is – you don’t wan’t it splashed around in your engine bay.

If you cannot get the pistons depressed, you will need to release pressure (and fluid) from the system by opening the caliper bleed screw (with a hose attached and appropriate catch can ready). This will allow you to easily depress both pistons, BUT will absolutely necessitate a bleed of the brake system afterward. You may also have to follow this procedure if depressing the pistons causes the reservoir fluid level to get too high and you do not feel comfortable trying to soak up the excess with a paper towel. Take care not to drip brake fluide onto the car’s paint.

10.) Once the pistons are fully depressed, relocate the caliper and replace the two bolts.

11.) Replace the tire, and lower the vehicle from the jack stand. Torque the lug nuts to the specified values. Repeat for the other side (do one side at a time).

Brake Pads:


Hawk 02-03 WRX D721 HPS Street Front Brake

Hawk 02-03 WRX D721 HP+ Street Front Brake

2002 – 12/02 SUBARU WRX STI Front and Rear Brake Pads and Brake Rotors OEM Replacement Direct Fit Brake Kit