Boost Gauge Install on Subaru STi/WRX 08-13:


12.) Remove the TMIC bolts that hold the TMIC down.

13.) Remove the TMIC bolts, including the clamp that holds the silicone coupler to the TMIC from the throttle body. There are also 4 bolts under the top side of the intercooler. They are a pain to get to, but much easier than trying to deal with the coupler on the turbo itself. All of the bolts are either 10mm or 12mm with the exception of the clamp on the coupler, which is 8mm.

14.) Pop the plug off the firewall. A good idea is to put a hole in the middle of this plug to use as a grommet once you run the vacuum tube from inside the car.

15.) Use a long screwdriver to push a hole through the insulation inside the hole, then push the coat hanger through that hole until it comes out under the dash in the driver’s side foot well. Make sure to angle it down towards the driver side like in the picture.

16.) Tape the vacuum tube (or wires if you are installing an electrical gauge) to the coat hanger very securely. I put the hanger inside the tube and taped around the connection.

17.) Pull the coat hanger through the hole and the tube should come with. This is tricky and may take a few tries. Make sure the hole is large enough for the tube to fit.

18.) Remove and cut the BOV (BPV) vacuum tube with sharp scissors or a razor blade. You want a clean cut so the tube sits flush with the vacuum T.

19.) Connect all the tubes to the vacuum T.Use small zip ties to secure the connections and avoid blowing off the tubes under boost.

20.) Reattach the factory tube to the BOV/BPV nipple.

21.) Run the gauge’s vacuum tube around the side of the TMIC to avoid crushing underneath it. Make sure it has plenty of slack to avoid pulling while driving.

22.) Place your brand new Boost gauge in your favorite position in the cabin.

23.) Take your Subaru for a test drive and try out your brand new boost gauge!

Boost Gauges:

Genuine Subaru H501SFG500 SPT Turbo Boost Gauge

Boost Gauge- Electrical Amber/white Premium Series with Peak Recall and Warning 52mm (2 1/16″)

Boost Gauge- Mechanical Blue/white Performance Series 52mm (2 1/16″)