Timing Belt and Water Pump Replacement Subaru WRX/STi

Timing Belt and Water Pump Replacement Subaru WRX/STi:

26. Reinstall the timing belt guides with a clearance of 0.5-1.5mm.
27. Reinstall the crankshaft pulley and rotate the crankshaft several revolutions to make sure your timing is correct and there are no solid stops. Don’t force it if there is as your valves are hitting each other or the piston.

28. Remove the crankshaft pulley.
29. Install the three timing belt covers.
30. Install the crankshaft pulley and torque it to 94 ft lbs. Don’t forget that the pulley is keyed and will only fit on one way.
31. Install the a/c belt tensioner and a/c belt. Adjust the belt to 7.5 – 8.5mm of deflection.
32. Install the alternator belt and adjust it to 7 – 9mm of deflection.

33. Install the radiator.
34. Install the fans.
35. Install the coolant reservoir.
36. Fill with coolant at the cap near the turbo. It helps to have the car on an incline and fill slowly. You’ll get lots of bubbles. It took me quite a while to do this. It takes up to 2 gallons and I put in about 1.8 gallons.
37. Reinstall the air intake.
38. Now if you’re sure you got it right, start the car and let it warm up. Immediately kill it if there is any knocking or clanging. Add coolant mix¬†as needed and keep an eye on the temperature.