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Nice Price or Crackpipe? Subaru Convertible Addition

Custom convertible Subaru Impreza
6 speed
Rear view camera
Leather interior
Fully loaded
Located in Amesbury, MA
Call, text or email for details or to set up time for test drive

This car is in excellent condition, it’s super fast and fun to drive! My husband LOVES this car unfortunately for him with the arrival of our new baby he’s going to be driving a minivan! #FamilyLife

A Subaru Impreza convertible. Nothing quite says I've ruined my car more than this.
A Subaru Impreza convertible. Nothing quite says I’ve ruined my car more than this.

Someone needs to get this car out of it’s misery. Also do not ever get in a crash with this thing, because bad things will happen.


Subaru Headlight idiocy continued

Let’s make our Subaru completely useless at night and attract the attention of local law enforcement. Please just stop doing this.  The only reason you should have red lights on your car if your an authorized emergency vehicle which this Subaru certainly isn’t.


Easiest way to get a ticket from the local police.
Easiest way to get a ticket from the local police.

Better hope those poorly made Chinese lights don’t fail and cause a electrical fire.


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Anyone have any low budget idea I can do to make my baby (Subaru) look a little sexier?



Maybe instead of trying to “make your baby a little sexier” you take care of your legal problems and just drive your Subaru the way it is.

The “game changer” Subaru trunk lid.

I think somebody likes flannel way to much and has decided to make their Subaru suffer.


Truly a “#Gamechanger”. I think I just puked in my mouth a little.



The typical Subaru owner in 2015

How to build a Subaru in 2015.

Backwards hat: Check

Obnoxious stickers applied at a angle on the rear window: Check

Tires overstretched on rims that are to big: Check

Dumb exhaust system: Check