Short Shifter Install on 04-07/08-11+ Subaru STi:

Short Shifter:

Step 8: Put the new assembly back into the car, push it to the front, and then go under the car. You will see a rubber bushing that the pin on the back of the assembly slides into, make sure that it is all the way in.

Step 9: Install the 4 10mm bolts at the base of the shifter, don’t tighten them all the way until after everything is together.

Step 10+: Reverse the disassembly steps to finish up the install.

Torque Specs:
Linkage: 8.7 ft-lbs
Lower Rod: 23.6 ft-lbs
4 10mm bolts on shift base: 5.5 ft-lbs
Rear cross member 51.6 ft-lbs
Front cross member 103 ft-lbs

Now you’re all done, go ahead out and try it out. Make sure you can go into each gear without any binding, and that the reverse lockout still works. I also noticed that the short shift has a silver ring around the reverse lockout.