Legacy World Speed Records

Legacy World Speed Records:


The 100,000 kilometer New World Speed Record project team was formed by August. The team involved 101 people. The record attempt was named “The RA Project,” and a Record Attempt (RA) Project Preparation Committee was directed by the STI administration of president Ryuichiro Kuze.


By late September, USAC (United States Auto Club) was chosen by ACCUS as the official sponsoring organization for the attempt.


On October 21, FHI officially decided to attempt the 100,000 kilometer world speed record, and by late October it began preparations for four cars, including one spare (FIA regulations allow up to three vehicles to simultaneously challenge records). Modifications included roll cages, front air dams, and short, stiffer springs and shock absorbers. On October 31, The RA Project held opening ceremonies.


On December 10, The RA Project first team departed for the Arizona Test Center, followed by the cars on the 12th, the second team on the 15th, and the third team on the 25th.