FMIC (Front Mount Intercooler) STi/WRX FAQ

Should I reset my ECU after this mod? It is never a bad idea to perform an ECU reset after a mod. The traditional route is to disconnect the negative battery terminal press the brake pedal for a few seconds to bleed the system of charge, and reattach. Some use the more advanced Vishnu Reset.

Do I need tuning with a FMIC? In almost every circumstance, yes. This is mainly due to the addition of an aftermarket intake, which will generally affect your air/fuel ratios. The smart choice is to tune for the intake and at the same time tuning will allow greater utilization of the effects of the increased cooling. The one exception is the Cosworth 08/09 FMIC which is designed to work with the OEM intake, so no tuning is required if using that unit with the OEM intake.

Which is better a FMIC or a TMIC? There is no definate answer for this. Choose your upgraded intercooler based on the pros and cons of each and your personal goals.