Deatschwerks injectors install on Subaru STi w/ a FMIC

Deatschwerks injectors:

6. On the passenger side,

a) Start by removing your intake. I have a short ram, so i just removed the intake after ‘accordion section’. This will expose the front passenger-side injector.

b) The coolant tank is next. Unbolt it and just remove it, the lower hose on the intake manifold side makes it difficult to move out of the way. You will need to remove (2) 12mm bolts & (1) 12mm nut and then remove all attached hoses

c) Under the coolant tank, there are 2 gold brackets holding a harness and/or hose in place. Remove the bolts in the two gold brackets ((3) 10mm bolts) clip the zip tie, and then remove the black bracket that the gold brackets were bolted to ((2) 12mm bolts, one in the middle of the intake manfold runners, one on the firewall side of the intake manifold). You will have to carefully move the hoses/harness gold brackets towards the passenger wheel well (maybe even expand (read: bend) the bracket a bit to get the black bracket out of the way. This will make it so you can move around the hoses/harness to easily access the injectors.

1.You may also want to unplug the blue connector to provide maximum access to the injectors.

d) Unplug the injector, remove the torx screw (Proper size Torx Bit: T-25), swing the bracket up and out of the way, and pull the injector out. You will need a small screwdriver with a sharper tip to pop the injector up. Just be careful not to damage the injector seat or the injector housing / Rubber O-ring

7. Now, get one of your newly purchased Deatschwerks injectors. Open the tube of Super Grease (should be provided) and generously lube theĀ lower O-Ring, and moderately-sparingly lube the upper O-Ring. ONLY LUBE the O-RINGs, try not to get lube on the injector screen or filters

8. Gently insert the Deatschwerks injector. You will want it to sit on the upper O-Ring, flush to the injector port. Then use the bottom of rubber mallet wooden handle to push the Deatschwerks injector in until it seats. There will be a noticeable but gentle “pop” not a sound but a “feel” once the Deatschwerks injector seats. If there is a fair amount of gas left in the injector port, it may even just slip in … no “pop” feeling.

9. Once you have the Deatschwerks injector(s) seated, just reverse the steps in #6.

10. Reattach the negative Battery Terminal


a) Get in your car and turn your ignition to the “ON” position,… listen for the fuel pump. (If you have a WALBRO, you WILL be able to hear it)

b) Go inspect your work and ensure there is no leaking gas from any of the injectors. you may not be able to smell it right away, so get a flashlight and LOOK for leaks/wetness around the injector ports.

12. If you don’t detect any fuel leaks, you will need to adjust your fuel tuning to scale for your newly installed upgraded Deatschwerks injectors. I have a COBB AP and was about to get tuned on a dyno by PDX so I just asked for temporary map to get my car to the dyno. I do not have the Street Tuner values, so please don’t ask me for them.

a) Once I installed the real-time map from PDX for the 740s Deatschwerks injectors, the car started right up and idled nicely. it even worked well enough to get me to the dyno (~10 miles away)

1) Make sure not to strip the torx bolts. Replacements are $2.50 a pop so make sure you’re using T-25 Torx Driver and TAKE YOUR TIME
2) Having a 2nd person there to help you hold injector brackets out of the way is a HUGE help as well.