Clutch replacement for a Subaru WRX/STi:

15b. (Engine hoist method) I found this to be the superior method. Using a jack, raise the jack to the rear of the transmission. Replace the bolt into the pitch stop mount on the front of the transmission. Attach a strap around the bolt then attach the other end to the hoist. Raise the hoist to apply tension on the transmission. Use a second jack and raise it to the engine oil pan to support the engine. Use a piece of wood between the jack and oil pan to distribute the weight of the engine and prevent damage to the oil pan. Remove the four remaining transmission bolts, both sides. (14mm socket) Separate the transmission from the engine. The transmission will be suspended by the hoist. Lower it to the ground.

**Note: it is sometimes difficult to separate the transmission from the engine due to tight or corroded guide pins. 

16. Remove the clutch (12mm socket) 


Installation is the same in reverse for most of this procedure.

1. Prior to installing the transmission, install the throw out bearing and fork assembly onto the transmission first

2. When installing the clutch please use a clutch alignment tool to ensure proper alignment of the clutch with the input shaft of the transmission during installation.

When installing a new clutch, follow the manufacturer instructions and torque the bolts to 11.8 ft/lbs. Tighten in sequence a little at a time to allow even compression of the springs.

3. When the transmission has finally been mated with the engine and secured, you may push the fork toward the firewall to engage the throw out bearing with the clutch plate.

**Note When installing the half shafts, these can be difficult and requires good leverage and a quick hard motion to snap them back into place. Align them with the spline and move the lower control arm out of the way. Gain some leverage and quickly push the shaft into the spline till it snaps in and seats flush with the transmission. This is not necessary for the pin type shafts.

STi and WRX Clutches:

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