Clutch replacement for a Subaru WRX/STi:

Lift the car and set on four (4) jack stands. Set to highest height.

1. Remove remaining turbo bolt (14mm wrench) No Picture
2. Unplug rear O2 sensor <or> Optional: remove O2 sensor.
3. Remove downpipe center support bolt. (14mm socket)
4. Unbolt downpipe – center pipe union, remove downpipe (14mm socket & wrench)
5. Unbolt center pipe – rear pipe union, remove center pipe. (14mm socket & wrench)
6. Detach sway bar end link from lower control arm, both sides. (14mm socket & wrench)
7. Remove cotter pin from ball joint nut, remove nut. Both sides (flat screwdriver, pliers, 19mm socket)
7A. Remove the two bolts from the lower control arm that connect it to the rear bushing. Both sides. (14mm?? + BreakerBar)

8. Compress the suspension using a jack, push downward on the lower control arm to separate from wheel hubassembly.
9. Separate drive shaft from transmission by prying between CV joint and transmission housing. (Pry bar) For older models, the shafts are held in place with a pin. You will need to drive the pin out with a punch. This step is really optional. I do this to gain more access to the clutch once the transmission is out of the way.
10. Drain the transmission fluid. (14mm socket)

11. Unbolt center propeller shaft from rear propeller shaft. (14mm socket)
12. Remove center shaft bearing. Remove center propeller shaft from transmission and set aside. (14mm socket)
13. Remove transmission mounting brackets from the body of the car (14mm, 17mm socket). Be advised that the transmission will move down but it will remain in place. It is still bolted to the engine with the four remaining transmission bolts.
14. Remove the shifter support and linkage. (14mm, 12mm, pliers)
15. Remove Transmission.

15a. (Transmission jack or jack attachment method) Using a jack and transmission jack attachment, raise the jack to the transmission. Use a second jack and raise it to the engine oil pan to support the engine. Use a piece of wood between the jack and oil pan to distribute the weight of the engine and prevent damage to the oil pan. Remove the four remaining transmission bolts, both sides. (14mm socket). Separate the transmission from the engine.