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Nice Price or Crackpipe? Subaru Convertible Addition

Custom convertible Subaru Impreza
6 speed
Rear view camera
Leather interior
Fully loaded
Located in Amesbury, MA
Call, text or email for details or to set up time for test drive

This car is in excellent condition, it’s super fast and fun to drive! My husband LOVES this car unfortunately for him with the arrival of our new baby he’s going to be driving a minivan! #FamilyLife

A Subaru Impreza convertible. Nothing quite says I've ruined my car more than this.
A Subaru Impreza convertible. Nothing quite says I’ve ruined my car more than this.

Someone needs to get this car out of it’s misery. Also do not ever get in a crash with this thing, because bad things will happen.


Subaru Headlight idiocy continued

Let’s make our Subaru completely useless at night and attract the attention of local law enforcement. Please just stop doing this.  The only reason you should have red lights on your car if your an authorized emergency vehicle which this Subaru certainly isn’t.


Easiest way to get a ticket from the local police.
Easiest way to get a ticket from the local police.

Better hope those poorly made Chinese lights don’t fail and cause a electrical fire.


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Let me blind you with my Subaru Forester

Nothing quite like getting the attention of every cop in your city with your blue tinted headlights with your Subaru Forester.  If a cop doesn’t pull this clown over he is going to blind and piss off every motorist this clown drives by. Someone needs to tell this guy its illegal to have blue and red lights on your vehicle.  I’m sure that this Forester is a rally champion and needs all the light it can get for those dangerous night time rally stages at the Rally America events.




Oh are is that a LED light bar in his hood scoop? Talk about obnoxious.

Broken STi: Let’s drive 19 hours to look at a broken Subaru

First of all who drives eight hours one way to see a broken Subaru STi? Driving that far to buy a common car like a 2006 Subaru WRX Sti is just silly without asking for 20+ pictures. This guy probably didn’t even tell the owner how far they were traveling in the first place.Of course this gets a lot better when the seller of the car comes and posts in the thread, because the owner of the STi is even a bigger idiot. So now it is time to diagnosis this shit show.


Considering all the kid did in the buyers opinion was waste his time the buyer should consider it a lesson learned on driving half way across the country to buy a broken Subaru STi.



Of course the comments come out of the woodwork.


So it looks like the seller and buyer originally agreed upon 12.9k and then the buyer offered 10k after seeing the STi in person. The owner declined. No where does the buyer say he told the seller how far he is traveling.


Well who the fuck has a motor that has 13k into it and not decide to part out the engine? With that much money the long block must be worth some cash along with the turbo and supporting mods on the STi. Time to call bullshit on the owner. The 13k if it ever happened as probably including the cost of the installation of everything from a shop that does Subaru STi’s.



So what’s the lesson here for everyone? Don’t drive across the country to buy a STi that you know if very very broken in the first place. There is such a thing called Caveat emptor or “buyer beware” for those that don’t know Latin. If you attempt to buy from a private buyer don’t expect the car to be in the best condition no matter what the seller says.


Don’t go 19 hours to buy a car from a kid with a Monster Energy Drink flat bill hat on, because he is probably a fucking moron. 

What’s that noise? My Subaru is so low that the axle is hitting the pinch welds?

So I have nothing against a nicely stanced Subaru put together with quality parts. However, when your Subaru is so low that your axles are grinding into the body/frame of the Subaru we might have a problem.


I mean what’s the worst that can happen? Maybe the axle grinds in half and snaps while driving down the road and you have an accident. Hopefully yourself or no one else is injured

Anyone have any low budget idea I can do to make my baby (Subaru) look a little sexier?



Maybe instead of trying to “make your baby a little sexier” you take care of your legal problems and just drive your Subaru the way it is.

Honda owners turning into Subaru owners

Honda’s don’t get away with it. Most people think it’s dumb ricey shit. Your Subaru isn’t a 9 second drag car so it’s non-functional bullshit.