Wheel Bearing Guide Subaru

Wheel Bearing Subaru Guide:

Subaru Wheel Hub Bearing Types

From 1992 to the present, Subaru has used three types of hub wheel bearings:

  • Serviceable Ball Bearing
  • Serviceable Tapered Roller Bearing
  • Integrated Hub Unit

The Serviceable Ball Bearing type is the basic system utilizing a replaceable ball bearing core. It is a preloaded, non-adjustable, angular contact type. These ball bearing types are found on rear wheels.

The Serviceable Tapered Roller Bearing type utilizes a preloaded, non-adjustable tapered roller design. Tapered roller bearings are found on front wheels.

The Integrated Hub Unit is, as the name implies, a sealed unit that contains the hub, bearings and seals as a complete, non-serviceable component. It is replaced as a unit. First used on the rear wheels of 2001- 2005 Legacy and Outback models, it is now used on both front and rear of many newer Subaru models.

Preloaded ball and tapered roller bearings are the most common types. The hub should only be replaced if found to be worn or damaged.

The Integrated Hub Unit is a sealed component combining the hub, bearing and seals. It is replaced as a whole unit.