22b: First generation Impreza WRX STi special variants

S201 STi

Subaru Tecnica International started the S-series of special Imprezas. This series is a limited production series that sports an engine output of greater than 280 PS (210 kW; 280 hp) [had 224 kW (305 PS)] (special variant cars were excluded from the gentlemen’s agreement). The car was decked with nearly every single part from the STi catalog.

A Subaru Impreza STi S201. Yes, that’s a factory body kit on it.

The S201 was a 4-door STi that sported the only body-kitted S-series WRX STi. It had a tri-planar wing and a massive front airsplitter. The entire suspension was composed of STi parts.

There were 300 S201s produced, they used a VF28 spec turbo, with max boost at 1.2 BAR and produced 224 kW (305 PS) and 353 Nm, weighing in at 1270 kg these are a highly desirable variant.

United Kingdom special variants
22B Type UK (1998)
16 of the ‘export’ 22Bs (see above) were modified by Prodrive, with longer gear ratios, UK specification lights and an official 3 year warranty. Because 50 22Bs had already been imported privately into the UK, Subaru UK had to wait until 1999 to register the 22B Type UKs under the VCA’s Single Vehicle Approval scheme. The price was £39,950, approximately the same price that grey import 22Bs were being sold for.