Prodrive GC8 WRX Special Editions

Prodrive WR Sport

Take the standard Impreza Turbo from new and add the full Prodrive interior treatment, suspension package, body kit, wheels with exclusive WR interior and exterior badging (engine upgrade not compulsory) and an official World Rally Sport limited edition of the Impreza Turbo is yours (for £30,000).

Prodrive P1

Throughout 1999, there were strong rumours that the UK market was at long last going to receive a Japanese specification Impreza, with improved levels of overall performance. A two door white Impreza Turbo running on 17 inch gold alloys and Prodrive number plates had been spotted several times. September 22nd 1999, Autocar magazine run a scoop showing this very same white car, along with a glowing write-up, and an estimated price tag of £30k.

Despite having a few inconsistencies (eg 2.2 litre engine with 350bhp!), the article answered many of the questions enthusiasts across the country had been asking for many weeks. The white car was actually a prototype for the forthcoming UK spec Impreza supercar. Based on the 2 door Impreza body shell (but without the wide arches of the 22B)., the car had been developed by Prodrive during the previous year in conjunction with Fuji Heavy Industries and Subaru Technica International in Japan.

It had been designed from day 1 to be Subaru UK’s response to both ‘grey imports’ and the phenomenal Mitsubishi EVO 6, which had been receiving rave reviews all year long. “Shock Subaru Announcement – New UK Spec 280 PS Impreza Turbo” was the title of the press release, which ran to a full 9 pages.

A prodrive P1 meet up in the UK.