Clutch replacement for a Subaru WRX/STi:

I would put this at a skill level of 9 or 10.

Estimated time to completion: Allow two days total.

Safety First
1. It is recommended that you have a heavy set of leather gloves handy when removing the transmission to prevent injury to your hand.
2. When underneath the car, ware safety glasses.
3. When using jack stands and car jacks, follow all manufacturer safety procedures
4. If you don’t know your way around the tool box then you have no business even thinking about doing this. Bring it to a shop.

Required Tools
1. Four (4) jack stands
2. Two (2) floor jacks
3. Transmission Jack adapter for your floor jack (or an engine hoist, I will explain later)
Warning: Do not attempt this procedure without one or the other

4. 10, 12, 14, 17, 19mm wrenches
5. 10, 12, 14, 17, 19mm sockets and ratchet wrench and desired extensions.
6. Flat blade screwdriver
7. Pliers
8. Pry bars
9. Breaker bar
10. 14mm hex key socket (10mm on some older models)
11. Torque wrench


With car on the ground

1. Remove Neg (-) battery cable. (10mm wrench) Fig 1
2. If using engine hoist method for this procedure, remove the hood. (12mm socket)
3. If installed, remove your strut tower brace. Removal of strut tower brace will vary depending on type (12mm socket)
4. Remove your BOV or BPV. (12mm wrench, pliers for removing hose clamp from BPV)
5. Remove your intercooler. (12mm socket, flat screwdriver)
6. Remove Intercooler brackets. (12mm socket)
7. Remove all visible turbo bolts. I recommend soaking these with penetrating oil 24 hours prior to removal(14mm socket)
8. Remove the pitch stop. (14mm socket & wrench)
9. Remove electrical connections to transmission.
10. Remove grounding lead.
11. Remove passenger side upper transmission bolts. (14mm socket)
12. Remove engine ground. (12mmsocket)
13. Remove positive (+) lead and solenoid lead from starter. (12mm wrench). As an option you may choose to leave the wires attached and simply set aside the starter when removed. I remove the wires simply because it allows you to get the starter out of the way completely.
14. Remove upper starter bolt. (14mm socket)
15. Remove lower starter bolt. (14mm socket & wrench)
16. Remove slave cylinder and set aside. (14mm socket)
17. Remove clutch fork shaft access plug. (14mm hex)
18. Remove clutch fork shaft by installing a 6mm bolt and pulling outward.
19. Release the fork from the bearing by lifting and pushing back simultaneously.